The Legend of the Waterfall
The legend of the waterfall tells that many years ago, an eel came out of the forest to rest on a cliff. The eel had magic powers and the people of Ngardmau saw it as a god. The eel was huge and had only one eye. When it layed down, it slept so deep that it did not wake up anymore. Time went by and the eel transformed into a river. Its head became the waterfall. Still today the people of Ngardmau say that there is a huge eel living somewhere in the river.
The Legend of Ngermasech
The Legend of Ngermasech says that in the ancient times it was protected by three men who did not allow any entrance or trespassing in or through this area. Only during full moon the people of Ngardmau were allowed to enter it to fish, collect oysters and to hunt pigeons to appease the three old men. The people were not allowed to keep any hunted or collected animal for themselves but had to deliver it to the guardians of Ngermasech. But one day a warrior came to Ngardmau and the people told him of the unjust situation. The warrior went out to the three men and forced them to leave and never return. During the following years the people of Ngardmau could fish in Ngermasech and hunt for other animals.
The Legend of Ikeam
Once during a very dry and hot period the people of Ngardmau ran out of water. They gathered to hold council about the problem because their water supplies were nearly empty. The people decided to send scouts out to look for new water sources. But all returned without success. But finally one old lady went out to search for water when she found a clear and fresh spring not far from the village. When she returned after her discovery she shared her discovery with the people of Ngardmau and the whole village was saved from its misery.
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